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Pyrus Flowers specializes in delivering flower arrangements for corporate setups within your budget. In doing so, the agency looks into the freshness of the flowers as well as for how long they can be of service to clients. Design processes are also crucial in the delivery, and the florists ensure that you get a pattern that is in line with your chosen theme.

The thing to note with this agency is that it all comes down to your satisfaction. For this reason, feel free to open up as to your needs as well as things that you do not like with the setup. If the design is not working for you, the florists will work to change it. Whatever gets in the way of bringing your vision to life, let the florists know, and they will handle it. And not to worry, every floral arrangement delivered will exude a corporate vibe and will thus not take away from the main event.

CreativityWhat To Expect?

Corporate event floral decoration

Fresh Arrangements

Not only are the delivered floral arrangements beautiful, but they also boast of freshness that will last through the event and even after
that. The agency uses flowers that are in season to guarantee this so that you can get something that is freshly cut.

Colour and creativity also come into the picture. Once the arrangements are in place, you should notice a shift in the atmosphere as it feels vibrant. And no, these are not the usual designs that you would come across at an office party in town. These designs are the result of interactive discussions, brainstorming and effective implementation by florists with years of experience in the business. In the end, you will not only impress the staff at work but will also have a positive impact on guests who will feel the stimulating atmosphere in the

The right flowersServices Provided

Office floral decoration

Office Flowers

Having natural flowers in the office is not only relaxing, but it also has an aesthetic appeal that will make your space more inviting to you
and your visitors. The agency provides flowers that match your colour scheme, keeping seasons in mind. If you wish, you could get an entire plant. Studies show that being around nature enables one to relax which is something that comes in handy in any work environment.


Are you running a bar, hotel or another establishment that requires floral arrangements for that added aesthetic appeal? Get your
customers turning their heads in awe as they appreciate the beauty of your space by incorporating some flowers in the set-up.

Corporate Events

When having a party, it is important to impress your guests by creating a lively environment, something which you can achieve by having beautiful flower arrangements at the venue. The patterns in play are sure to match the values of your brand, thus not taking the focus away from the celebration at hand. Be it an office party, a corporate dinner or another event, the beauty of flowers is sure to leave a positive mark on the guests.


It helps to appreciate your clients to forge lasting relationships, and one way to do so can be through flowers. Simple gestures such as
these are sure to win you favour in your work relationships, and your business should experience growth as a result of the same. You can also order bouquets when bidding colleagues goodbye or when holding parties for people in the firm.

Keeping you in the loop of all happeningsThe Process

Front door floral decoration

From the very beginning, the agency will consult you on every move they make, and it all starts with a first sit-down. Here, you get to meet the florists as you let them know what you would like. Suppose you are planning a product launch, you should explain to the florists what kind of event it will be, the style that you want, how the venue will be, the kind of flowers you would like as well as the setup you prefer. With these details out of the way, florists will then work with you to come up with a rough idea as to what you need before moving on to the design and planning stage. From here, it is a series of decision-making processes while keeping you in the loop of all happenings. You are sure to love the results as will your guests.

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Pyrus Flowers has been in operation for five years and counting, and during that time, it has been evident that its growth has been due to the numerous feedbacks that it gets from clients. Feedback not only works in helping other clients know what to expect from the agency, but it also enables the team to work harder, thus resulting in better services for you. For this reason, feel free to leave a review and let the agency know how your experience was.

Bob Harris

London, UK

"Can you imagine being in charge of something that you have never done before? Well, it happened to me. One day everything is excellent and the next, the party planner cancels on us. I decided to take on the role, a week to the product launch and the Pyrus team did a lot to help us. In a few days, we had decided on the flowers and designs, and I could work on the food, music and my ever-unending list. Guess what people focused on at the event? The flowers! I was so happy that they liked them; otherwise, they would have noticed the lack of a DJ. Yikes! Thank you!"

Sofia Bianci

Oxford, UK

"Having a corporate dinner where people stay interested in the topics at hand till the very end can be very challenging. However, with beautiful flowers capturing the attention of the audience, they were keen on the agenda. It must have had something to do with the captivating scents. Thank you!"

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