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Social events are about having fun and expressing your creativity, and one great way to have your party exuding these qualities is by having floral arrangements. Flowers can turn an otherwise dull space into an enchanting venue that will have your guests enjoying themselves and talking about the event for days leading into years after it comes to pass. Pyrus Flowers is an agency geared toward setting up floral arrangements that will have your guests gasping in delight as they view the inspirational pieces across the venue.

With luxury flowers that will have your party elevated to the event of the year, the agency will ensure that all the arrangements go by without a hitch. And what’s more, all the services rendered will be as per your budget so do not have to dig deep if this was not your intended
wish. If you wish to go all out and have people staring at the decorations in awe, the agency will know what is right for your event.

Whether it’s a charity dinner, theme party, bar mitzvah or another occasion that calls for elegance; this agency will have your back from the word go. And you can come up with an event as there is always a reason to celebrate and the agency will ensure that your entire flower needs get met. Nothing is too small for this agency, nothing is too big either, and nothing is too challenging for them. So, whatever you want to have accomplished, you can trust that you have the right agency behind you.

The crewOur Team

Florist from the team

The team in the agency comprises florists, a production crew, as well as designers and everyone, takes their roles seriously. The florists use their creativity to help bring your dream to life by knowing what flowers work best for what occasion or season as well as what patterns they can use in the design. The designers are all about finding the right angles such that the light hits flowers at all the right spots, thus
ensuring that everything looks and feels vibrant on your special day. And the production crew, well, they bring everything together by
making sure that all processes flow smoothly. With no breaks in-between, you are sure to enjoy the smooth transitions that will have your guests appreciating the raw beauty in front of them.

Not only is the team talented, but each member also boasts of extensive experience in the field which enables them to work on all kinds of floral patterns. Additionally, the agency has a strong relationship with flower growers across the world such that there is a guarantee
of fresh flowers with every season. No matter the date of your occasion, you are sure to enjoy some pleasant scents that will go a
long way in brightening guests’ moods.

How do we workThe Process

Classical concert floral decoration

Working with the team is very easy. Not only are the members quite experienced but they are also professional, and you should enjoy
every meeting you have with them.

You start by meeting with a florist who walks you through the different flowers that will be in season at the time of your event. In so
doing, the florist will have you explore the various options to see what you would like. There are cases where you could already know
what you want, and in such an instance, the florist would work to ascertain that the chosen options were in line with the event in

Suppose it is a grand opening, you want to go with vibrant colours, and the florist will be sure to point this out as they walk you through the meanings of each flower. You might come across something that you missed while at this stage.

Having covered what flowers you feel are best, the florist will again look at the theme of the party to avoid any clashing that could occur.
Throughout this stage, you can bring in any ideas that you have as to the setup and any additions that you would like.

The designers will then work with you as to the pattern before the production crew takes over. It is important to note that the team
only manages the implementation and you are in charge of the entire process. Their work is to take the stress off the process, not the
event from you. And you are sure to realize that once you see your vision come to life on the event date.

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Pyrus Flowers has been in operation for five years and counting, and during that time, it has been evident that its growth has been due to the numerous feedbacks that it gets from clients. Feedback not only works in helping other clients know what to expect from the agency, but it also enables the team to work harder, thus resulting in better services for you. For this reason, feel free to leave a review and let the agency know how your experience was.

Santiago Martìnez

Nottingham, UK

I love theme parties, and during one such event, I decided to add some more flair to the occasion by having some vibrant flowers in the room. The red flowers coupled with the dim lights and high ceilings had people talking for days. And now everyone knows that I can throw a good party. Plus, I have to commend you on how professional you were with everything.

Ann Perez

London, UK

Owning a beauty salon was a lifelong dream come true, and I wanted only the best for the grand opening. The team was of great help thanks to their advice on flowers and colour schemes. They were available on call and were quick to make adjustments. Everyone who attended the event stated that it was a success and I have you to thank for it.

Help the agency help you realize your dream by letting the team know about your experience.