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When one loses a loved one, they go through a series of emotions, and it is a trying time. It could be that nothing makes sense to you anymore or that you can’t quite seem to put the words together when making simple requests and at such times, you need someone who is not only caring but also understanding when everything seems to be spinning around you. Pyrus Flowers is not just an agency but rather, it comprises florists who will work to help you memorably pay your last respects.

Not only will the florists use their years of expertise in the field to interpret your vision better, but they will also make hard choices for you when the time comes. It is quite easy to feel unmotivated during tough times, and you can look forward to the understanding that you will get at Pyrus. The team works with you as well as your loved ones to get a feel of what is right for the funeral while being professional the whole time.

Whether you are looking for something modern or you wish to explore traditional set-ups, the agency will provide you with options that will please you. In this way, you can make the tribute the way you wish. In addition to creating the floral arrangements, the agency also delivers the flowers to your chosen destination, thus getting this part of the process out of the way. If you have a hard time dealing with the arrangements, the team can coordinate with your funeral director to ensure that all things go according to plan.

Say goodbye with loveWhy Funeral Floral Decor?

Coffin spray of flowers

People often use flowers as a way to express love and gratitude to others, and the same goes for funerals. Having an arrangement not only comforts those going through a loss, but it also enables people to lift their spirits in readiness for the burial. As people gather to
say goodbye to their loved one, they can look at the flowers and feel comforted in their sight.

During these times, it is hard for people to express how they feel through words. It could be that they are at a loss of words or they could be too sad to speak. In these times, having flowers that symbolize how one feels towards the deceased goes a long way in expressing your emotions. If you are unable to attend the funeral, you can be at one with the family by sending a floral arrangement that shows how you feel. Flowers are not only a source of peace during the funeral, but they also provide the deceased’s loved ones with solace long after the burial is over.

You chooseOptions

Different flower options

You can choose to have funeral baskets, loose wreaths, funeral sprays, tied sheaves, coffin sprays, heart and cross designs as well as other arrangements that are in our portfolio. Whatever helps you make the day special, you can trust that the agency will assist you in
achieving it.

PlanningThe Process

Purple funeral flowers

The planning begins with a consultation where florists have a sit-down with the family of the deceased. It might be that some people are not feeling strong enough to be part of the preparations and that is more than okay. You could even appoint one person to take charge of the planning while the rest get to relax at this time. It is all a matter of preference and what is in the best interests of the family.

From here, the florists will get into what colour is suitable for the event. Where the death was unexpected, and it involved a young
person, the best colours to go for are white, blue and green as they represent mourning as well as a sense of calm. For a celebration of a
life well lived, orange and red are the right colours. However, this is all about what the family wants. The florists are only there to
facilitate the process and not to run it.

You can then get into what flower arrangements you would like. Are you looking for baskets, wreaths, casket sprays or other floral
arrangements? Letting the florists know will enable them to work with the design team in realizing your ideas. The personal consultations will be flexible to allow you time to break and where you need help, the team will step in to make some of the decisions.

 Let Pyrus Flowers help you make the tough decisions during this trying time as you lay your loved one to rest.