Floral DecorationLife's Special Occasions

Many occasions hold deep meanings to people. It could be the birth of a child or anniversary or the day you say goodbye to a long career. Whatever occasion is at hand, emotions are sure to run high as people think back as to the moments that led to the beautiful event ahead. For this reason, you want the setup to exude the kind of atmosphere that speaks to people as to the importance of the occasion as well as your gratitude for your support system. Thus, having a beautiful floral arrangement goes a long way in making your event a success.

Special occasions come and go. Some are repetitive such as birthdays while some are a one-time affair such as proms. Either way, you want to ensure that everyone involved feels loved and appreciated as you mark yet another important milestone in your lives.

Pyrus Flowers is here to take the stress out of the planning by handling your flower arrangements from the little touches all the way to the entire design. With them, you are in safe hands and can thus focus on other things such as food and music.

The stagesHow DOes The Process Work?

Birthday floral decoration

It all starts with a meeting where you get to meet the team behind the agency. Florists who have been in the business for tons of years have a sit-down with you where you get into why you need the flowers. And this process follows some stages.

Stage 1Type of Event

Retirement floral decoration

Is it a birthday? Are you celebrating an anniversary? What kind of event is it? Each celebration calls for a different setup. Some flowers may work for prom but may be inappropriate for a birthday and so on.

For this reason, the florists will ask you what kind of event it will be. Here, you will go through some of the options, based on the flowers
that will be in season at the time of the event. You can play about with the varieties as well as the colours when making this decision.

If you have not handled an event in the past, it is not a cause for worry as the florists have tons of expertise as to what arrangements
work for what set-ups. All they need is an idea of what flowers you would like, and they would be happy to walk you through the different kinds in situations where you have no clue what you want. The latter is even better for you as you walk into the meeting open-minded as to what could work.

Stage 2The Venue

Venue floral decoration

Will the event take place in the outdoors or will it be indoors? What are the lighting conditions in the space? These and other factors are of crucial importance when discussing the kind of setup that could work for your event. It prevents having too many flowers in the space or having too little that the room feels bare. The florists might wish to see the venue before getting into planning so that they know what they are working with for the event.

Stage 3Your Dream

Baby shower floral decoration

When walking into the meeting, it is highly likely that you have envisioned what you would like at the event. From elaborate
centrepieces to flowers hanging on walls all the way to little bouquets for each guest, there are many ideas that you could have for
your upcoming event. At this stage, it becomes all about taking your dream and finding a way to place the flowers and the setup in it. In
this way, you get to achieve your vision. If something does not work for you during the preliminaries or in the course of the planning, be
sure to let the florists know so that they can find a way around the problem.

Stage 4Planning

Planning process

By the time florists get to the planning stage, you will have agreed on the event date, patterns, flowers, as well as price and it will all
come down to making your vision a reality. You are free to make alterations during the process as the event is all about you and what
you wish to achieve. Once you feel that everything is in order, you can sit back and let the magic happen, which it indeed will.

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Pyrus Flowers has been in operation for five years and counting, and during that time, it has been evident that its growth has been due to the numerous feedbacks that it gets from clients. Feedback not only works in helping other clients know what to expect from the agency, but it also enables the team to work harder, thus resulting in better services for you. For this reason, feel free to leave a review and let the agency know how your experience was.

Greg Ward

Bristol, UK

"My dad was one of those guys who did not believe in retirement, but when his time came, he had no choice but to do so. We knew that the transition would be hard for him, so we spoke to a few florists on options for the party. What I liked about Pyrus was that they listened to us more than they suggested ideas. We worked together smoothly, and my dad enjoyed the party. I’m not one for flowers, but I have to say that the room looked incredible. Even my dad fought back a few tears of joy. Now, he works on the farm and spends time with his grandkids, and I can tell that he is happy. That party was quite a life-changing experience for him as he knew that he had our support."

Christina Clark

Sauthampton, UK

"My daughter recently turned sixteen, and I wanted to make the day memorable for her. Rusty and Pyper helped me in choosing schemes as well as designs for the party and it turned out to be a success. Pleasing a teenager is hard, and the smile on Toni’s face said it all."

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